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Vehicle s may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less.

Protest: Health Canada's gay male organ donor ban

Limited time offers. Offers only valid at participating dealers. Retail ail offers may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Not all buyers will qualify order or time of vehicle delivery, but not both or combinations thereof.

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Additional payments required for optional features, license, and insurance. Excess kilometrage charges subject to change except in Quebec , see your local dealer for details. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury. Some functions are not available while driving. Ford recommends that drivers use caution when using mobile phones, even with voice commands. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, not essential to driving when it is safe to do so and in compliance with applicable laws.

SYNC is optional on most new Ford vehicles. All rights reserved. Their employers were offering them another one-year wage freeze in the new contract. User groups discussed the potential for a weekday arena curling project. Agreeing on the best time to designate for curling is something yet to be resolved. On the weekend, Rink 2 is just too valuable for tournaments.

The always engaging First United Church Rev. The native Jamaican described growing up in humble circumstances and his journey towards ministering in Canada. To lift up the powerless and those who are just trying to be themselves in a world that is changing. Lazano, who he said was instrumental in allowing him to continue his education into high school — providing him with a written recommendation.

Making good on a childhood proclamation, made at age 9, that he would dedicate his life to the church, Holmes emerged from his religious studies to minister in both large congregations as well as remote rural communities in Jamaica. Before long Holmes said his liberal minded philosophy would. As a result he left the church for two years.

Dryden was an opportunity to make the transition into Canada. The first randomly drawn entry with the correct number of hearts will win. Has all the important information on it. On the back you can put any health conditions or alternate phone numbers. To order go to www. Click on our logo and select. Then proceed with completing your order. For every tag ordered we get a donation. Watch for King the Cat to be sporting his royal Tag in the very near future. For more information call Submitted Influenza is now within several Northwestern Ontario communities including Dryden.

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Students may be exposed to a variety of communicable diseases and illnesses during their school years. Limit the spread of germs and communicable diseases Follow these simple routine practices: -Wash your hands frequently. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer unless they are visibly dirty then clean your hands with soap and water. Looking for a New Dentist? We are accepting new patients The community of Dryden has been well served for 40 years and we hope to carry on that tradition.

Hours: Monday - Saturday: a. The program operates two nights a week, January through April. Photo by Chris Marchand.

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Grandma knew better, part two art 1 talked about P our beginning to realize that modern, chemically-driven agriculture might be going in the wrong direction. It might not be an advance on the agriculture our grandmother knew, based on 10 years of accumulated experience. If you like to do arithmetic, try this.

Cipher that out, and it comes to something like 36 tons of nitrogen in the air above each acre really, get out the pencil and paper. Nitrogen is the main driver for plant growth that and carbon dioxide! Some plants, notably clovers, host bacteria which can capture some of that nitrogen in the atmosphere and make it available to plants. Plants just snort the carbon dioxide directly from the air, large greenhouse operators put extra carbon dioxide in.

Modern agriculture starts with the notion of boosting production by putting factory-produced granular nitrogen fertilizer on the land, generally in the order of say pounds per acre. A small effort into finding ways to harvest more of that natural nitrogen might create an enormous agricultural revolution! So the whole house of cards of modern industrial agriculture is based on that ammonia-based nitrogen fertilizer.

It works a lot like sugar in our diet, so we get big, fat, but soft and wimpy plants which cannot compete with weeds, so we need herbicides. Modern industrial agriculture is totally dependent on factory-produced chemicals —. Attention readers: Please remember that all letters to the editor MUST be signed with a proper name, and include a phone number. The editor requires it for verification. Letters must also be limited to words.

Phone numbers will not be published. Contact the dryden observer with your concerns or story ideas. It has been suggested that the impetus for this movement was not farmer prosperity or cheaper food, but finding a market for the surplus ammonia-manufacturing capacity we had. If this is so, we have a lot to answer for.

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Modern agriculture has destroyed the fabric of rural life all across North America and Europe. Assorted government programs and subsidies, some obvious, some not so easily discerned have forced farms to go big, or go broke, with the result that the family farm is for practical purposes gone in Canada or the US. Worse, manipulated markets and subsidies have consigned millions of small farmers in less developed countries to the scrap heap, creating dependence on our exports, creating food shortages, and caused millions to starve.

All to save some ammonia factories? Of course you will not find anything like this. However, there is a growing natural food movement and lots of supporting information, perhaps the oldest and most influential being a book called The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berrey, published in the early 70s. The fastest-growing agricultural sector now is family scale, natural farms, and it would grow much faster if we could get the government out of the way. Grandma knew better.

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Sightseeing started seeing things in June I It started out with little wiggly lines in my left eye which had a bad bleed in it in February. I went to see Dr. Cory McKiel, he couldn't see anything in my eye. Over a few weeks the shape of these things that I thought were in one eye changed to spidery shapes, then a letter zed shape, they weren't there all the time, but for hours at a time these black things would be in my eye.

McKiel several times when I could see something in my eye and he could not. At the same time, in the outside world, my marriage was circling the bowl and my number one daughter was getting ready to go on a cadet trip to Whitehorse. She would be flying in Canadian Forces planes left over from the Korean war. In the Yukon they would be riding horses in the mountains, attending a marksmanship course and doing some less dangerous activities, maybe grenade practice, etc.

One morning I woke up and a large black oval spot was in both eyes. Everybody who's ever read Treasure Island knows that the black spot means death. I think I phoned Dr. McKiel and he said I needed a different kind of medical specialist. Before I could get to talk.

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Mike prescribed a mild anti-psychotic, he may have consulted with someone else about what to try. I wouldn't recommend the little pink pills, they didn't work well for me. In the middle of July it was a beautiful haying weather day. Petra was safe in the cadet camp in the Yukon. Dave Miller and I were driving silage trucks for Roger. We were driving slow, no stress, and we had ten minutes to wait in the field for each load of chopped grass to be ready.

I was sitting in the truck watching Roger come up the hill. Suddenly a big yellow ball of flame appeared in front of the truck, it turned into a yellow phoenix that flapped its wings twice and disappeared. Thin black whisps of smoke rose up in front of me. I knew I was in serious, serious trouble, everybody knows phoenixes are red. It was still going to be weeks. The white ones are no good either.